Out with the old. In with the new.

Posted by Kellyn , Wednesday, October 27, 2010 8:49 AM

Since this blog just out right makes me feel weird....since I'm not actually moving soon...I started a new blog. I like to write. I get bored. Blogging's fun! Yay!

If you would like to, head over to swimminginthesounds.blogspot.com and check out my new stuff.

Super. Duper.

.......I feel like I should have like a radio sign out or something.

Alright, so it's done.

Posted by Kellyn , Friday, September 10, 2010 9:24 AM

Tomorrow I will be venturing to Austin. I also realize that I have been neglecting my blog for a couple of months. I've been kind of bummed about the whole thing. You'll understand why shortly.

I left off about the time we found an apartment, and decided to save more money. Over the following months, nobody stuck to the "rent" idea and we eventually began to unravel our plans. That's right. I'm not moving to Austin any time soon. I'm going to continue living at home. Yep. That is the source of my neglect. :\  At any rate, Dathan is still going to school in Austin starting this spring, and didn't want to go alone. Aj will be moving with him while Kam and I stay here.

The boys have been packing all week while Kamryn cries every night, and I secretly hate them for having the freedom and guts to move. Seriously though, I am happy they're moving. I'm just really going to miss my little brother. Tonight's my last night living with him ever again for the rest. of. my. life. I'll never have to complain to him about picking up his messes, or enjoy his conversation well into the nights. I won't get to enjoy the first frost with him while drinking coffee or hot chocolate and wearing puffy jackets and scarves. This is starting to really hit me that my baby brother is grown. I have a fairly easy time letting people go while the weather is warm but when the fall/winter comes, I am going to miss him more than anything EVER! Ugh. I just know when that first really cool morning of fall comes, I'm going to want to run to his and Kamryn's rooms to wake them up to take a brisk frolick through the yard (just like we did when we were kids).

Aj has been a fixture in our home for over a year now. I'm going to miss that kid, too. Even if he does have obnoxious habits that irk me to my core sometimes. I love him like my brother. I'm going to miss sitting on the porch with him telling funny stories and listening to his crazy ones when we're the only two at home.

I'm confident that there will never be people in my life like Kamryn, Dathan and Aj. It's going to be so hard to help them unpack their lives in a completely different town. It will be even harder because they'll be living my dream.

I've decided to stay home because I'm just spread too thin financially right now. I've adjusted my spending to the salary I have now, and I just can't afford anything extra. SUCKS!

Nothing Old, Nothing New

Posted by Kellyn , Wednesday, July 7, 2010 3:43 PM

There hasn't been much movement on the Austin front but the first months "rent" didn't exactly go as planned.

Dathan paid me. I paid me. And....that's it. Aj and Kam didn't give me the $375 yet but I haven't pressed them about it.

Is it bad I'm losing steam? It's so hard to plan a move this big especially with such fickle people. I do know one thing. I've GOT to get out of my hometown. Seriously. I'm going stir crazy. I need to meet new people and see new sights ASAP!

What can I do to feel better about this and calm my nerves?

Boredom Reigns Supreme. Bleh.

Posted by Kellyn , Wednesday, June 23, 2010 9:05 AM

I've been extremely bored with life in general. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing cool to look forward to. I've really been banking on changing things up this summer with the move to Austin, and I kinda sorta put all my eggs in that basket so to speak. I need to shake things up! Get a rush of blood back in this body! I need some inspiration!

Some of this definitely.
Rides: very fun.

Learn an instrument?

Houston at night looks pretty exciting!

Road trip sounds nice.

Or a really loud and crazy show!
I think I need a vacation or a hobby of sorts or even a cool place to hang out. Houston is just a little drive over, and I know there's tons and tons to do up there. Maybe a weekend trip is in order. Maybe I'll drive to Austin or Galveston for a visit? I'm more than open to suggestions, here!

What do you do when you get in a funk like this?

Change In Plans

Posted by Kellyn , Wednesday, June 16, 2010 11:34 AM

Recently we visited Austin to meet our realtor. We met Rachel the Realtor at her office Saturday afternoon around one. She took us right over to the complex we were hoping to apply to and walked us around the grounds and up the stairs to our potential new home. It is a fantastic apartment. Four bedroom, four bathroom, fully furnished, all bills paid with rent, washer/dryer in the unit and a nice balcony. Honestly, it's a dream come true for student housing in a not-so-nice part of town. Yeah, okay so maybe the complex is in a bad part of town but it IS gated. It's a great starter apartment. Perfect. We talked to Rachel about our options, and all we need to do is apply for the place.

Amazing. This is really really going to happen. She explained the process, how much we're expected to pay up front and exactly what we need to do next. Everything was coming together so perfectly.

Then the reality set in. Yeah, thanks logical thinking for popping up at what seems to be the most inconvenient time. Background time: Kamryn and Aj dated each other for about two years. Then things happened and they broke up about a year and a half ago. Aj moved in with my family shortly after, and life at home was very awkward at first. As time went on, the two eventually began to get along with each other and even share a room now. Kamryn didn't plan on living at home starting last fall which is why she wasn't included in our original moving plans. She was going to UNT in Denton and moving out on her own. Well, that never happened and she ended up staying at home...Saturday Kamryn realized she doesn't want to live with Aj anymore. She doesn't think that we have the abilities to take care of ourselves. She got scared. She told Aj about her feelings and about not moving to Austin. Just like that, she bailed out. What Kamryn didn't know is that I had already had the same inklink welling up in my stomach.

As soon as we got home from Austin, I talked to my mom about moving. I'm still apprehensive about moving out with Kamryn, Dathan and Aj. But who isn't scared their first time moving out? I seriously mind fucked moving until it just simply seemed impossible, and I accepted defeat. It's just not the right time. I've got too many unpaid bills, and not enough money saved to fall back on. And just like that our plans got cancelled.

We're not moving to Austin in August anymore.

I know. It's depressing, right? Something I've been looking forward to and saving for and planning for a year...gone. I've been looking forward to this for SO LONG. I've already told everyone I know, and now when I'm still hanging around town this fall, they'll all ask why. And all of the people who told us we couldn't will have been right.

I'm sorry but that's just unacceptable. Nobody can tell me I can't do something and actually be right. I thought about it all day long yesterday, and came up with a plan of action. Postpone our plans six more months. What makes a difference six months later? Age. Ability. Realization.

We're having a family meeting Saturday. As of right now, Kam and Dathan's cell phone, car notes, and insurances are being paid by my mom. To prevent sticker shock and a sudden feeling of drowning, my mom is making them responsible for all of their bills starting next week instead of cutting them off when we move. For six months they will work as often as possible making minimum wage to pay their bills PLUS about $375 a month in "rent." (This is where I came up with a brilliant plan.) For the next six months, I will collect $375 a month from Aj, Dathan and Kam to put in savings. I will also pay the $375 a month. We'll save $1500 a month for six months. By the time we're ready to move, we'll have about $11,000 including what we've already got. That means that when we get to Austin we'll already have enough money for six months of rent. Yeah, we won't have to scrape together money for rent for SIX WHOLE MONTHS. Why didn't I think of that a year ago?

About the Group

Posted by Kellyn , Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:10 AM

As I looked at pictures today and thought about my postings, I realized I never really formally introduced us. Since Dathan is graduating, we had a crawfish boil at our grandparents' house last weekend. It ended up being a really great day, and I have a ton of great family pictures. Here are just a couple. Oh, by the way, whenever the four of us take pictures together, we always end up in the same spots. Left to right: Dathan, Kamryn, Me, and Aj :)

This was our favorite picture! It's probably the best one we've taken together.

We always take pictures of us being thugs because well, we're seriously white kids and we're silly.

The same goes for this picture. Even if I look ridiculous.

These guys are my best friends. I honestly don't think I could get through life without them. There's never a dull moment around our house, and there's always someone to talk to. It's very seldom I ever feel lonely, and I cannot wait to continue living with them in Austin. And now pictures just for fun!

Mother's Day 2009. We've all grow up a lot...and it's definitely for the better.
Dathan, Aj, me when we played together as Weredragon Scholars
me, Dathan and Kamryn: siblings/best friends forever!
Kamryn had just gotten back from a two week cruise in Europe, and bought us all matching shirts.

Don't we just reek of Austin? I feel like we look like we belong there. On the moving front: I think we have decided on the four bedroom apartment I talked about in my last blog. It's just too great a deal to pass up! The only problems there may be is the $1500 deposit. We never really planned for such a massive chunk of change to be gone before we even got there. Thank goodness we've been saving for so long!

We've also done a lot budget wise, and have figured out just how much money we need to make to cover all of the bills plus some. Kamryn, Dathan and Aj only need to make minimum wage. They just don't have that many other expenses to cover. However, I have to make at least $12 an hour in order to barely stay afloat. I've got a car note, car insurance, cell phone, credit cards, medical bills, etc. It's a total bitch sometimes but I think I'm able to take care of it all. Right now I've got a lot of extra spending money, and I tend to blow it on worthless stuff. I hope the job market gods bless me with a decent job or I won't be able to make it in Austin.


Posted by Kellyn , Monday, May 17, 2010 4:49 PM

Seriously, this is probably the best I've ever felt. Well, about moving that is. Anyway, I emailed the realtor that's been helping us find a place. She had told me to wait until closer to July to start looking for apartments, and so I did. I sent her a "sorry to bother you but I really need to find a place to live" message last night around 10:30. She replied to me this morning and found a poster for an apartment 5 miles from downtown Austin. Yeah, I know. $1500 utilities included. Did I mention it's already furnished? Split four ways? That's only $375 a month. WHOA. Yeah, I know. I'm pretty excited about it considering the average rent is about $715 a person in Austin. I told her we'd like to have a few options, and she sent me back about 12 listings. She's my new favorite human being. She sent me a listing for a duplex, a rent house, condos and apartments. The only thing I'm just a tiny bit worried about is the length of the leases available. Since we need so much room, short leases are SUPER hard to come by...and the shortest one they have is 12 months. Yikes. I know we can do it but being committed for that long is a little scary!

Like I said in my last post, things are really coming together, and with this news, we've begun the snowball effect. It appears I'm really getting out of my home town. Way to go me!